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High capacity sediment control barrier

A breakthrough in sediment control, the StormSack offers unrivaled capacity and flexibility for construction site sediment control.

According to the EPA* (Construction Site Runoff Control, Minimum Control Measures), sediment runoff from construction sites is 10 to 20 times greater than from agricultural lands and 1000 times to 2000 times greater than from forested lands.  Sediments from construction activities will accumulate more quickly and can impact aquatic environments in numerous ways including siltation, increased turbidity and decreased light penetration.  Additionally, pollutants stored in layers of sediment can be re-mobilized and released later at vastly higher concentrations.


The StormSack assists municipalities, stormwater managers and contractors in meeting the EPA's NPDES Phase II Stormwater regulations regarding runoff from new construction site activities.  The StormSack is designed to fit a wide range of rectangular and combination curb/drop inlets using the same patented adjustable flange technology from our class leading StormBasin products.  The StormSack can be configured to fit any size of catch basin from 16" X 16" through 50" X 50".

A StormSack in a 24" X 48" configuration can hold 1100 lbs of silt and sand before it needs to be serviced.  Using the latest in geotextile technology the StormSack offers high flow rates (145 gpm per square foot)


The StormSack+ is fitted with an AEGIS treated Microbe Shield X-Tex replaceable liner to capture pathogens, hydrocarbons oil and grease while still retaining sand and silt to a 212 micron size.  The StormSack+ offers a flow rate of (106 gpm per square foot).

The StormSack and StormSack+ are reliable, economical and easy to maintain filtering devices which provide temporary filtering of surface water runoff and protects new catch basin inlets from receiving and transporting large concentrations of sand, silt and construction debris.  Timely installation of these simple, effective devices offers protection from costly cleanups and potential liability for downstream environmental damage.

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