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Reusable Dewatering Bag

for large jobs or heavy sediment loads

Use for dewatering operations with large 
quantities of silt, sediment or dirt.

Large opening allows easy access and removal 
of trapped sediment.

Galvanized steel Locking Rods (Part# 9735) are 
quickly and easily installed to secure bag opening 
during dewatering.

Use on truck beds to quickly and easily transport 
filled Dewatering Bag to site for emptying.


Part# 9730: 
3' x 5' Bag
with Locking Rods
Part# 9735:
Locking Rods only
Part# 9732:
 5' x 7' Bag
with Locking Rods
Part# 9736: 
Replacement 3' x 5' Bag
  Part# 9738: 
Replacement 5' x 7' Bag

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