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Who uses oil smart® Water Pump Switches?
Oil Smart® Water Pump Switch
differentiates beween oil and water


facitilities managers

storm water utilities

waste water treatment facilities

marine managers

Appropriate applications:


transformer pads

sub stations

transformer pads
The oil smart® water pump switch sensor differentiates between oil and water.  This switch is available as 120VAC, 230VAC European  or 12/24VDC

Oil smart® water pumps do not require an electrial panel

Differential between ON and OFF comes in 2.5" or 6" models

Available with or without a piggy-back plug

Helps satisfy ASME 17.1 and The Spill Control and Countermeasure Plan issued by the EPA.

This switch can be an integral part of the pump assembly or a stand-alone component wired to the pump or control valve. 
underground vaults

elevator sumps

industrial sumps

marine sumps


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