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The MYCELX Compound
MYCELX is a patented polymeric surfactant technology that is infused into all MYCELX Technologies water filtering media. MYCELX is designed to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX to crude oil, sheen, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, organic solvents, pesticides & biocides, and organically bound metals from wastewater.

How does it work?
MYCELX chemistry is infused into a filter media that has been optimized for the water stream being treated. The treated MYCELX filter media instantly bonds with the targeted pollutants on contact removing 99+% from the water in a single pass. MYCELX filter media is effective on both semi-soluble or insoluble pollutants preventing the captured contamination from separating, emulsifying, or releasing once contained.

How much water can be treated with a MYCELX filter?
MYCELX filters are totally unaffected by the amount of water passing through them. They will only become saturated with the pollutants in the water.

MYCELX is unique in its ability to maintain high flow rates while removing pollutants. The filters do not increase head pressure or plug up when they fully saturate. Once saturated, the filter will not be able to remove any further contamination from solution and will simply allow it to bypass.

Is MYCELX toxic?
No. It is a non-hazardous / nontoxic material that will not dissolve or migrate in water. It has been declared compliant to section 300.915 of the NCP by the EPA. It has also been found by California Fish & Game to be nontoxic and is approved for oil spill cleanup.

How do you dispose of used MYCELX filter media?
The used materials must be disposed of according to local, state and federal regulations. The products are excellent for disposal using incineration because of their low water absorption, low ash content (less than .2%), and high BTU value, if non-hazardous oil or flammable fluids are absorbed.
    Materials Captured by Fablite
» Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX)
» Aliphatic Hydrocarbons & Solvents
» Crude Oil & Fuel/Sheen
» Cycloalkanes
» Chlorinated Organics
» Pesticides & Persistent Organic Pollutants (PCBs, Dioxin, Furan, DDT, Aldrin, Chlordane, Dieldrin, Endrin, Heptachlor, Hexachlorobenzene,
Mirex & Toxaphene.)

» Organic Polymers
» Vegetable Oils & Animal Fats
» Colloidal Heavy Metals

» Silicone Oil
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