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Military Tank Wash

versatile - can wash both tracked and rubber tire vehicles

minimal moving parts

long term reliability

efficiently clean tanks

reduce man-hours for maintenance

Military Tank Wash

The STB 300 Tank Wash is a proven method to automatically remove thick mud from Army Military Tanks, both tracked vehicles and rubber tired vehicles. Our Tank Wash can be set up to wash any model version of tanks. Our systems have no moving parts to wear out, break down or get damaged by personnel or other tanks. 

Our design philosophy is that the more sophisticated the design the more the repairs, breakdowns and system down time there is. Our Industrial washes are designed to not break down. The only maintenance involved is the periodic scooping out of collected mud from the area holding tanks. This is the accumulated mud that has been removed from the Tanks.

The manual cleaning of 50 tanks usually require 75 personnel for eight hours. This total amount of man hours is 600. With our Automatic Tank Wash tackling this task, the total time required to wash 50 tanks is reduced to 25 minutes. The tank drivers simply drive through the wash, which is 21 man hours total compared to 600.

All our Wash Systems are listed in GSA Advantage Network for easy purchase by the government. Credit cards are accepted.

Our STB 300 comes with a 5 year warranty for all parts.

All Parts and components are made in America.
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