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Stormwater Test Kit

This kit is packed in a rugged portable carrying case for use on-site.  It was designed to meet US EPA requirements for field test procedures which were approved in the November, 1990 Federal Register to monitor illicit discharge.

Each kit includes tests for: pH, Total Chlorine, Total Copper, Phenols, Detergent surfactants, color and turbidity.

100 reagent tests per parameter.
30 tests for detergent.

Included in Test Kit:

Factor Method Range
(# of tests)
Phenols 4-Aminoantipyrine Slide 0-5.0ppm
Copper Thiocarbamate Slide 0-4.0 ppm
Detergents Titration 0.1 ppm sensitivity
Chlorine DPD Slide 0.2-3.0 ppm
Turbidity Formazin Equivalent L-M-H
Color Borger Color System

Meters Range
Waterproof pH1 PockeTester 0-14pH,
 0.2 pH
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