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Woven Geotextile Filter Screen

The top layer of the cartridge is a woven polypropylene monofilament geotextile as a filter barrier or separation screen over the large water inlet port into the cartridge.

How does it work?
The StormBasin has two separate inlet ports or paths into the filter cartridge.

Small storm water flows are allowed into the filter cartridge through a series of inlets located around the circumference of the cartridge. These inlets insure that the filter is effective on small events, drains completely between storms and does not provide habitat for insects or other vectors.

A second larger inlet port is provided for extreme storm events. The port is protected by a coarsely woven geotextile screen suspended over the opening. The barrier protects the internal filter media from potential ‘Blinding” by keeping leaves, sticks, sediments and trash in the basin and out of the cartridge.

Is the Woven Geotextile toxic?

The woven polypropylene textile material is non-absorbent and functions as a mechanical separation device. Independent testing has confirmed, new material does not leach harmful substances into the environment and when incinerated produces minimal ash.

The woven material is also recognized and approved by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

How do you dispose of used pads?
Dispose of used pads in accordance with federal, state and local

Specifications for
Woven Geotextile Pad

» Apparent opening size 850 microns
» Percent open area 17%
» Water flow rate approximately 200 gpm
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