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Woven Geotextile Oil absorbent pads

Our oil absorbent pads are manufactured from a patented, lightweight, absorbent textile developed from “recycled polymeric fiber material”. These textile “pads” have superior oil adsorption and absorption properties, provide high flow rates, and begin absorbing contaminants immediately on contact.

How does it work?
In manufacturing, recycled polymer fibers are converted into a lightweight, fibrous blanket having enormous surface area and microscopic interstitial spaces. The fibers are lipophilic in other words they have a selective affinity for hydrocarbons such as fuel residues, oils and other petroleum products.

When used as a filter medium, water passes freely through the blanket, while adsorption of targeted hydrocarbons begins on contact. The woven pads can adsorb up to 10 times their own weight in oils, greases and other toxic chemicals. Importantly, hydrocarbons adhere to the woven material even through extended dry periods and are not displaced by subsequent storm events.

Is the Woven Geotextile toxic?
The woven textile material used in the absorbent pads meets the EPA’s definition of a sorbent as specified in Title 40 of the CFR, sect. 300.5 and 300.915(g) and is not required to be listed on the NCP product schedule. Independent testing has confirmed, new material does not leach harmful substances into the environment and when incinerated produces minimal ash.

The woven material is also recognized and approved by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

How do you dispose of used pads?
Dispose of used pads in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Tests with motor oil indicate that 85 to 90% of adsorbed liquid can be mechanically reclaimed and the media pad recycled with little loss of sorbent efficiency.

Materials Captured by the Woven Geotextile Pad
» Adsorption of motor oil, diesel, fuel residues from water
» Removal of carcinogenic PAH contaminants including:
  - Benzo(a) anthracene
  - Chrysene
  - Benzo(b) fluoranthene
  - Benzo(a) pyrene
» Adsorbs animal and vegetable oils

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